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About us at ADAMS House – My name is Dan Hill. In 1987, I was 27 years old and became a patient at the hospital in Mission Hills, California for detoxification from drugs and alcohol. During this five-day stay I met others like me. There was conversation about drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and criminal recidivism and how all of these things interact with one another. There was mention of the re-parenting process, what that would look like, and what type of environment would need to be created for these things to take place. These conversations would stay with me always in the back of my mind and resurface from time to time. It was as though a research project was taking place without my permission.

Over a period of the next 15 years, I would acquire a widespread scale of experiences to add to the prior ones regarding the above mentioned drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness and recidivism. At the ripe age of 42 years old, on December 19th 2002, I was transported from jail to a shelter with the focus to change my life.

I was not sure how I would get such a thing like a three-quarter housing program started; at that time I possessed one change of clothes, a hand full of bus tokens and a partial tool belt. Since I’d been successful in a variety of trades and careers throughout the years, I decided to start a construction company while living in the shelter. The company became successful and after two years I moved out of the shelter. That was in October, 2004.

On December 27th, 2004 the first man slept on our couch. There would be many men to follow, staying in our home, on the couch, from time to time. Between July, 2005 and September, 2009, we opened five houses, closed two, and separated from a partner due to a difference in vision.

By 2009, America was in the middle of an economic crisis. Many businesses were folded, homes were lost, jobs diminished, and the business that started a three quarter housing program was not exempt from this economic crisis. I was no longer able to continue to pay for the cost to keep this program open; I could lose everything that I had built. So, I made the decision to incorporate the program and name it as a way to save it. A house manager came up with the name Adam; I liked that because it about us, and was the first man in the Bible that screwed up, although I would revise that name into an acronym, A.D.A.M.S. House, which stands for Alcohol and Drug Afflicted Men’s Stabilization House. As of December 2009, A.D.A.M.S. House was organized and recognized as tax exempt under the 501(c)(3) code of the Internal Revenue Service with a Board of Directors.

More about us, today, A.D.A.M.S. House has five homes in operation serving disenfranchised men with substance abuse issues and sometimes criminal backgrounds. An all-volunteer staff administers a program of recovery that includes sobriety, home care (cleaning, shopping, cooking, etc.), transitional employment, and financial restitution and budgeting. This is what differentiates ADAMS House from other three-quarter housing. A.D.A.M.S. House provides the tools necessary for each man to rebuild his life and become a contributing member of society.

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